Twitter Templates For Celebrity Eulogies

We know too many celebrities are dying these days to properly keep track, and you might be exhausted crafting sensitive and retweetable eulogies for each and every one. To help you out, we’ve written some handy Twitter templates you can use when any of your top 783 favorite celebrities die.

For the celebrity you’ve always loved:

  • Thinking of the time I saw ___ in concert and then 4.6 years later my fiance proposed. #RIP.
  • ___ was the one person everyone loved. Anyone who disagrees doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or they were sexually harassed by him. #RIP.

For the celebrity you’d forgotten about:

  • I didn’t know ___ was still alive but my heart breaks to hear that she’s dead. #RIP.
  • Death is the hardest to deal with when it’s a famous person I’ve never seen or met. #RIP.
  • I think it hurts the most to lose comedians. It’s also really sad to lose musicians. Also actors, athletes, politicians, novelists, dancers, playwrights, and members of my immediate family. #RIP.

For the artist who inspired you:

  • I owe so much to ___. Without him, I wouldn’t have the courage to quit my job and drive across country in a stolen car. #RIP.
  • From the very first time I saw ___ star in a movie, I knew she’d go on to star in at least one other movie. #RIP.
  • ___’s first album was the soundtrack of my high school experience. That, and the sound of ice falling. I went to high school in an igloo. #RIP.

For when you don’t understand how death works:

  • Really, 2017? #RIP
  • Really, 2018? #RIP
  • Really, 2019? #RIP

For those times when you need to bring the focus back to yourself:

  • Today, to honor ___’s memory, I’d like to humbly request that you all Venmo me $2. #RIP.
  • My grandma died today too but I think I’ll get more retweets if I tweet about ___. #RIP.

To ease your guilt:

  • I watched the first episode of ___’s show. I would have watched more if I knew she was going to die. #RIP.
  • I regret ever cancelling my HBO subscription. I hear The Deuce is great. Subtweet: Oh shit! ___ is dead!?! #RIP

To help your followers put things in perspective:

  • This isn’t as bad as Prince dying, but it’s still bad. #RIP
  • I think we can all agree ___ wasn’t as funny as Robin Williams, who is also dead. #RIP.
  • I know Bush did some terrible things, but at least he wasn’t president when ___ died. #RIP.

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