Dog Person

Ginny met Frank on a Tuesday night towards the end of the fall semester, although she wasn’t in school because she was 26, but she also didn’t have a career or purpose. She was working at the concession stand at a large, commercial movie theater when he came in and asked if they make the popcorn gluten-free.

“Um, I think it’s already gluten-free,” said Ginny.

Ginny was quick to flirt with her customers because she had nothing else to do. The trick was that they never knew she was flirting with them because she couldn’t maintain eye contact. Frank was cute. Not cute enough that she’d ever write a parody article about him, but cute enough that she’d plan out their lives together while he was watching the movie. Together, they’d have 3 kids and 6 dogs. Ginny could tell he liked dogs.

Frank didn’t pick up on her flirtation, or if he did, he wasn’t interested. He took the popcorn, and Ginny gave him a weak smile.

But the next week, he came to the movie theater again because MoviePass is an incredible thing. He asked again if the popcorn was gluten-free, and then he remembered he’d met Ginny before.

“You’re getting better at flirting,” he said, “you managed to brush your hair this time.”

Ginny shrugged and blushed, but she started out pretty red, so the blushing didn’t change much.

After the movie, Frank came back.

“Give me your number, concession-stand girl,” he said. Ginny typed it into his phone. He never texted her.

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