9 Times You Thought A Man Was Wrong Until He Said ‘Amiright’ And Then You Realized He Was Right

A lot of times someone (a man) will be spewing nonsense, and I’ll be like ‘that dude is wrong.’ But then something will happen — he’ll end his sentence with ‘amiright,’ and I’ll realize, ‘oh, he was right all along.’ Or else he wouldn’t have said so. Here are 9 examples of this phenomenon.

my thumb’s up, so you know I’m right, amiright?
  1. “Bitches be crazy, amiright?” I hear this one a lot at open mics, and my first thought is usually ‘that’s a little sexist,’ but then when the male comic adds, ‘amiright,’ I’m like, ‘yeah, he’s right.’
  2. “How bout this weather, amiright?” When I hear someone comment on the weather, sometimes I stop listening, because the weather is boring and I don’t really care what they have to say. However, with the additional ‘amiright,’ I’m forced to confront the fact that whatever they just said about the weather, is, in fact, right.
  3. This assignment is killer, amiright? This happens to me a lot at work, because the men on my team like to complain about how hard the work is. I usually don’t agree with them, because normally I’m the one doing all the work and not them, but if they say ‘amiright,’ I assume they’re right.
  4. “Something something about sports, amiright?” This is something I hear men say a lot, because men like sports and being right. I don’t personally know anything about sports, but I know that if a man says he’s right, he’s right.
  5. “This hummus is great, amiright?” I personally don’t usually condone complimenting chickpea-based foods, but when someone sticks an ‘amiright’ at the end, I reconsider. Sometimes, hummus is great, right?
  6. “Trump, amiright?” This is an example of a time where I don’t really know what someone is talking about until they add the ‘amiright.’ For example, they might be playing bridge. However, once I hear the ‘amiright,’ I realize they’re talking about the president, and whatever they’re saying is right.
  7. “The subway is too damn slow, amiright?” I don’t really notice the passage of time, but I do notice a well-placed ‘amiright,’ and when I hear that, the subway seems to stop in its tracks for me to consider how right that person is. Actually, the subway actually stops in its tracks, because it stops a lot.
  8. “You’re wrong, amiright?” When someone tells me I’m wrong, I usually think they’re wrong, because I say ‘amiright’ at the end of every sentence, so I must always be right. Still, if someone adds an ‘amiright’ to the end of telling me I’m wrong, I must concede that I’m wrong, they’re right, amiright?
  9. “Amiright, amiright?” Wow. No explanation needed — this is the correct way to speak.
  10. “Ginny posts too much on Facebook, amiright?” Go away.

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