My 10 Best Days of 2017

This isn’t my dog or my apartment but as you can see we’re having a great day

Some days are better than others. Is that a quote from something, or did I just make it up off the top of my head like some kind of fucking genius? Either way it’s true, and either way I’m a fucking genius.

2017 was a long, strange, mostly bad year, but despite the chaos wreaking havoc on the world, I had some good days. So without further ado, here are the 10 best days I had this past year.

10. September 22

What a good day

9. July 9

Another great day

8. July 27

Damn. This was a good one.

7. August 11

A truly beautiful summer day

6. February 9

What a day!

5. February 12

Honestly, hard to top this one

4. December 24

Wow, I topped it

3. July 24

The most beautiful day of the summer, as far as I’m concerned

2. December 25

A merry Christmas indeed
  1. April 22

This was, obviously, the best day of my life

Damn, I had some good fucking days! There are, however, still four days left in 2017, and I personally vow to not go out there and make them great. I suggest you put on your sweats and do the same.

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