The Bourne Spectrum

In THE BOURNE SPECTRUM, secret agent JASON BOURNE (Matt Damon) forges an uneasy alliance with BILL MORSE (Kyle Chandler), director of the CIA’s off-the-books PROJECT MELTDOWN. Bourne is ready to take on the bad guys… Kind of.


Bourne, looking through a rifle scope, has a major arms dealer in sight and Morse (back at HQ) in his ear. He hesitates.

MORSE: Take the shot! Take the shot! What are you waiting for?

BOURNE: Okay, but like, he admitted to selling nuclear weapons to North Korea. He said, “These charges are true.” We can work with that —

MORSE: Take the damn shot! We are not working with this man! This man is a monster!

A tense beat. Bourne lowers his rifle.

BOURNE: Let’s hear him out.

MORSE: (smashes headset against wall) Who told this guy to think? Who told him to SPEAK?


In a hotel room in Budapest, Bourne karate fights the FBI’s Most Wanted terrorist. He knocks the terrorist to the floor and buries his knee in the man’s chest… Then stands and backs out of the room.


MORSE: What the hell happened up there?! You had him!

BOURNE: I think we should evaluate terrorism on a case by case basis.

MORSE: What the shit has gotten into you? That is the world’s deadliest man and you let him get away.

BOURNE: I mean, sure, I wouldn’t marry the guy, but what he does in his cave is none of my business.

Morse laughs wildly and kicks over a chair.


Bourne has lost his memory again. He and this installment’s love interest, ILANA (played by Kate Winslett), are drinking coffee at a diner outside Munich.

BOURNE: I can tell you the measurements of all six women outside. I can tell you that our waitress is unmarried and carries pepper spray in her purse. I know the best place to look for a motel key is in the cab of that gray truck outside, and at this altitude I can backpedal flat-out for a week before my voice starts shaking. Now why would I know that?

ILANA: Because you’re best friends with Ben Affleck.


Morse brings a mass murdering Ugandan dictator up on screen, outlining his past crimes and current whereabouts, routine, and security detail.

MORSE: So that’s it. We need you to take him out, and they can’t know it was Uncle Sam.

BOURNE: But… there’s a spectrum of genocide, right?

MORSE: Excuse me?

BOURNE: Like there’s a difference between a guy who slaughters an entire group of people and one who, I dunno, masturbates in front of them, or sticks his finger in their asses against their will.

MORSE: Okay…

BOURNE: That second thing is kind of shameful and gross, but it’s not criminal.

MORSE: Yes it is. That’s sexual assault.

Everyone in the room stares at Bourne.

BOURNE: I feel like we’re not talking enough about all the good dictators.

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