22 Times I Tried To Be As Cool and Hip and Young As My Little Sister Claudia

Happy birthday Claudia! Today Claudia is 22. She’s very cool, hip, and, importantly, young. I’m also young and cool, and I often try to piggy-back off her young coolness to seem even younger and cooler. Here are 22 times I did that.

(Claudia and I have also taken a shocking number of adorable photos together over the years, and I wanted to showcase them).

1.When I wear her “Penn ‘18” T-Shirt everywhere to get people to ask me a. if I go to Penn (I don’t) and b. If I’m 22 (I am).

2.When I got really drunk and sat on top of her to indicate “yeah, we’re friends, and the same age.”

3.When I tried to wear the same color as her to a wedding but I ended up getting it slightly wrong and we clashed horribly.

4.When I told everyone her cat was my cat, because I’m like, a cool, hip animal owner too.

5.When I got her into the side ponytail but then pretended she got me into it to make it seem cooler that I had it.

6.When I made this my Tinder main pic and didn’t clarify which one was me.

7–14. When I ask her to like my posts on Facebook to get the ‘young hip crowd’ into my stuff (This one gets 7 points because I do it everyday).

15. When we looked at ‘art.’

16. When Claudia was my date for a wedding, and no one thought it was weird.

17. When Claudia was a bad influence on me and got me into weed.

18. When I boxed her out of this photo so it’d be more about me.

19. When I copied her bangs (like 3 or 4 times).

20. When I hardcore creeped on her, starting at a young age and continuing to our current young ages.

21. When I let her dress me because she said I’d look “cool.”

22. When I tell people I love South Park because I know it’s cool but have never watched it.

Love you!!

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