QUIZ: Does She Want To Fuck You Or Does She Literally Like Everything On Facebook?

two thumbs up.
  1. Does she like a lot of your Facebook posts? (Y/N).
  2. Do you see her liking all your friends’ posts? (Y/N)
  3. Has she stated publicly and/or in a Facebook post that she likes everything she sees in her newsfeed? (Y/N)
  4. Does she have a reputation for liking everything on Facebook? (Y/N)
  5. Has she ever indicated that she wants to talk to you in person? (Y/N)
  6. Is she in a relationship with another man? (Y/N)
  7. Has she already declined your request for sex? (Y/N)
  8. Has she told you several times that her liking your posts is NOT indicative of her sexual interest? (Y/N)
  9. Has she stopped liking your posts? (Y/N)
  10. Has she blocked you on Facebook? (Y/N)

Answers: If you answered YES to question 1, she wants to smash. Nice, dude!.

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