Similarities Between Physical Therapy and Regular Therapy

  1. I get a massage (although in regular therapy I have to really beg for it).
  2. I get drugs.
  3. My therapist is hot.
  4. I feel good while it’s happening and then have a nervous breakdown 45 minutes later.
  5. My mom told me I didn’t need it.
  6. I have to take the 4 train to get there (honestly, don’t underestimate this one).
  7. It’s near a bagel place that I love.
  8. I eat right before and right after, but more after.
  9. It’s expensive.
  10. I have to wear workout clothes or I just can’t get through the exercises.
  11. I overestimate how many calories I’ve burned.
  12. It’s easier after a glass of wine.
  13. I deserve it (The wine and the therapy).
  14. I waste too much time wondering what the other patients think of me.
  15. I’m learning to be comfortable with silences.
  16. My therapist does not want me to follow him on Twitter.
  17. My therapist does not follow me on Twitter.
  18. My therapist asked not to be mentioned in this article.
  19. It’s the highlight of my day!!
  20. It kinda sucks. Idk, all my days suck.

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