5 Youtube Videos To Watch In The Refractory Period That Say “I Don’t Actually Want To Have Sex…

The refractory period can be a nice little break in between sex acts. Like a recess for a penis, there’s a fun time to be had as long as you use the refractory period wisely. Here are some sample YouTube videos you can watch during the refraction to both fill time and indicate that you’re not interested in further fucking.

  1. A guided meditation to relieve stress, available here. Nothing says, “let’s not fuck again” like turning on a meditation and completely ignoring him.
  2. A Jimmy Fallon interview with Jonah Hill in which he discusses accidentally emailing Drake his food diary, available here. I assure you, once you get into Jonah Hill and Drake at the same time, your man will know you’re not interested in additional fucking.
  3. A video of yourself. Here’s one of me as an example. There’s no clearer way to tell your sexual partner that he didn’t do a good enough job of getting you off and you’re going to have to masturbate alone without him than by putting on a nice, long video of your lovely face.
  4. A video of a gorilla fight, available here. Actually, this is kinda a tease because it might get him in the mood.
  5. Trump saying or doing literally anything, such as this video here. Not only will this clearly end your sexual encounter, but it will also make sure your partner’s not interested in having sex again. This is the most considerate way to end a sexual experience because it leaves no one wanting more, except the entire country.

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