Getting Vulnerable: Women Admit How Many People Actually Look At Their Instagram Stories

18 views in 41 minutes — extrapolate from there.

“About 200. Well, maybe closer to 150. I don’t know, it varies story to story. Sometimes I take them down after only 23 hours, and it’ll have like 49 views, and I’ll be like ‘well, the last 150 people are just going to miss out.’” — Sarah, 26.

“Ok, not that many. I want to say I average like 75. BUT all of my ex-boyfriends look at every story, so I still feel like I’m winning. Ok, I only have one ex-boyfriend, and he only looked at one of my stories, but whatever.” — Jessica, 33

“Maybe 100, but I get 120 if I text 80 people and ask them to look at my story. Which I only do for, like, half my stories.” — Ashley, 21

“Like, 17 million?” — Kim K, 37

“179, 170, 183, 185… is this helpful to you?” — Jade, 23

“That’s just not how I evaluate my self-worth, ok? I go based on likes and my weight.” — Danielle, 35.

“It really changes day by day. And depends on whether or not I show my tits in the picture. Here’s what I don’t understand, though — how do guys KNOW my tits are going to be in the picture before clicking on it? That ups my views by at least 4. So now I have my tits in all my pictures. Want to see my dog?” — Becca, 29

“Can’t I just give you my social security number?” — Ginny, 26

“I don’t check because I’m comfortable with myself LOL JK maybe like 100?” — Elizabeth, 28

“Cut me some slack, I’m only been using Instagram 6 years.” — Zadie, 38.

“Does it double-count me? I look at my story every 16 minutes.” — Karina, 31

“More than you, probs.” — Mean Lady, 30

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