The Only Problem With “This Is Us” Is the Acting, Writing, and Plot. Other Than That, It’s Perfect.

Did you all watch “This Is Us” right after the Super Bowl? If you didn’t, then fuck you. And if you think “This Is Us” is a terrible show, fuck you. Also, fuck you. “This Is Us” might be the best show on television. It’s really a flawless portrayal of an American family. I relate to all the characters. I’m on the edge of the toilet seat every episode. It only has one tiny problem, which is the acting, writing, and plot. Is that one problem or three? I’m going to say it’s just 1, and I’ll refer to it as the collective [actingwritingplot]. Other than that, it’s literally perfect.

Before “This Is Us” came on air, I might have thought that good [actingwritingplot] was crucial for a TV show to be good. Oh, how foolish I was. I am completely captured every week by the unbelievable story lines, cheesy dialogue, and painful facial expressions. Everytime I see Kate have a meltdown over nothing and try to do a voice that isn’t whiny, I think “wow, this show is incredible.”

Do you know what’s amazing about “This Is Us?” The music. I don’t know anything about music, and I can’t remember any of the songs, but I cry literally every episode. Which means the music must be good. As is the rest of the show, minus the unnecessary [actingwritingplot].

Do you know what else is flawless about “This Is Us?” The lighting. Oh, let me tell you — when I’m supposed to see a character’s face, I SEE the character’s face. I see it in such great detail that I can see how much Mandy Moore is flaring her nostrils, which does contribute to her not-believable acting. But let me tell you — that show is LIT. Lit, like, good lighting, not like, drunk. Which is also it, sometimes. It explores the issues of alcoholism and drug addiction with its characteristic bad acting and overly emotional writing. And amazing lighting.

Another thing I love about “This Is Us” — the opening credits. Because the opening credits signal that another great episode is about to begin. When I see those opening credits, I know “yeah, we’re going to get 42 minutes of perfect television.” So well done.

Oh, one of the best things about “This Is Us” — how hot all the actors are. This is really unique for a TV show. Not a lot of television actors are hot, but on “This Is Us,” they are. Which more than makes up for the poor [actingwritingplot].

So, as you can see, [actingwritingplot] isn’t that important at all for a TV show. “This Is Us” is my favorite show on TV, and it doesn’t have that one minor quality. But it has everything else. Yeah, this IS us.

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