Things I’ve Described As “My Super Bowl”

Not my Super Bowl
  • The Academy Awards red carpet
  • The Winter Olympics Women’s Alpine Combined
  • Thanksgiving
  • Brangelina’s breakup
  • The season finale of “Baskets”
  • A particularly bad UTI
  • “Call Me By Your Name”
  • Any comedy show where I’ve performed for more than three people
  • The time I fell off a treadmill
  • An outdoor classical music concert for which I made a really good picnic
  • The Golden Globes red carpet
  • This nasty split end I found once
  • Every time I go to Trader Joe’s
  • The next day’s coverage of the Met Gala
  • Getting the Goop newsletter
  • Watching Jack die on “This Is Us”
  • The release of a new Janet Jackson album
  • A commercial for Scientology
  • The Super Bowl halftime show
  • Seeing Twitter attack Justin Timberlake

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