Conversation Starters For When You Run Into Your Boyfriend’s New Roommate In The Kitchen

Just making myself at home…

“The trash needs to go out.”

“That stir fry you’re making looks so good! I’ll try some later.”

“It’s cool you don’t lock your door.”

“Do you want to read my pilot?”

“This place is so nice — I don’t know if I’ll ever go home again!”

“Is the soy milk yours? If so, you need to buy more.”

“If it smells weird in here, don’t worry.”

“Your sheets are so soft.”

“Sorry if we woke you up last night — I’m loud!”

“Feel free to join us anytime. We don’t lock the door either.”

“I’m glad you’re here! I get so lonely when Matt’s at work.”

“How do you feel about Aaron Sorkin?”

“Your bed is by far the most comfortable one in the apartment.”

“Which towel is yours? I’ve been using both.”

“This living room is so big. It would be a perfect practice space for my improv team.”

“So where do you live?”

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