My Songs With Past Lovers, Which Were Only “Our” Songs Because I Listened To Them While Planning…

Taylor Swift has a beautiful song called “Our Song” about coming up with a song for her relationship. In the end, they decide that their song is actually like the slamming of screen doors, which isn’t that melodic, and staying up late, which isn’t actually a noise. But anyway, I was listening to it and reflecting on the songs I’ve had with past romantic interests, and I wanted to detail them here. Please note that none of these were “our” songs, because they were just the songs I listened to while I obsessively thought about the men.

  1. Teardrops On My Guitar — Taylor Swift, 2006. In 2006, I was 15 years old. I wasn’t a cute teenager, and I strongly related to the feeling of being ignored at a high school dance. And there was a boy there, a boy I’d always loved. The only one who had enough of me to break my heart, you could say. So this was always Daniel Radcliffe’s and my song.
  2. The Call — Backstreet Boys, 2001. I didn’t get into this song until about 2008, but once I was in it, I was really in it. So the song is girl whose boyfriend cheats on her. I found this idea very romantic, at least the part about having a boyfriend. This song really told the story of the FIRST part of my relationship with a boy who I’ll call B. I met B through debate team. B really liked me, but he made a mistake one night. It was the call that changed his destiny, because he NEVER got me back.
  3. Crawling Back To You — Backstreet Boys, 2005. Just kidding. B got me back. This song tells the story about how he showed up at my house, bangin’ on my front door, his pride spilled on the floor. Actually, at that time, I lived in an apartment where we were the whole floor so there was no front door, but anyway. B got me back, that’s what matters. Actually at this point we had made out once on a park bench and never spoke again.
  4. California Girls — Beach Boys, 1965. This was the song between me and the first boy I made out with when I moved to California for college. I think his name was actually Leonidas, but I don’t remember. I was very drunk. I imagined he was really wishing they were all California Girls at the time. Actually, I think he was wishing he were making out with a California Girl and not me, a New York baby, because I did eventually throw up on him. Ah, college.
  5. Respect — Aretha Franklin, 1967. This was really the song of my college boyfriend. Actually, unfortunately, this wasn’t really the fantasy life I created, it’s more just how it went down. Literally all I asked him for was just a LITTLE respect. And still, I got nothing.
  6. Uptown Girl — Billy Joel, 1983. This song really tells the relationship between me and this boy named Harry. Harry was from the wrong side of Fifth Avenue, but his ship eventually came in. And when it did, he dumped me for a girl named Pam. And so it goes.
  7. Hava Nagila. This was my song with my first Jewish boyfriend. We were celebrating the fact that I’d finally achieved much desired state of having a Jewish boyfriend.
  8. Paperback Writer — The Beatles, 1966. This is actually me and my writing agent’s song together. I don’t have a writing agent, but when I do, this will be our song.

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