18 Things That Would Be Bad Enough to Get Me to Stop Shopping at Zara

  1. Finding half a rat sewn into my sweater
  2. Discovering notes from unpaid workers describing slave labor sewn into my pants.
  3. Buying a classic white button down shirt, then bringing it home to discover it is backless.
  4. My entire cardigan disintegrating into little gray fuzz balls on first wear.
  5. Black dye from my fringe denim bleeding onto and permanently staining my white couch.
  6. Getting stabbed by the zipper on my leather pants and bleeding actual blood.
  7. Getting a nasty rash from my embroidered faux fur coat.
  8. Finding out from a coworker that my lace culottes are partially see-through (Thanks Mark).
  9. My pleather pants ripping down the butt when I bend over to pick up my purse.
  10. My party top melting at the touch of an iron.
  11. My anorak melting in the rain.
  12. Never understanding why there are random buttons on everything.
  13. Never being sure of when to wear my jogging trousers or printed palazzo trousers.
  14. Generally being unsure of what trousers are (are they the same as pants?).
  15. Finding out that Ivanka had something to do with the business side.
  16. Accepting that I might not need to wear statement pieces to my 10 person startup’s coworking space.
  17. Realizing I can’t pull off any of these bell-sleeves, cut-outs, or crop tops.
  18. Knowing my worth.

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