Logical Phallacies: Incorrect Assumptions Made By Men

  • Women want to hear my opinion.
  • Women think I’m intelligent before I’ve even said anything.
  • Women want my help, particularly directions.
  • The male perspective is missing from a lot of conversations.
  • Periods happen once a month and or very regularly.
  • All women will be very excited to hear that they’ve lost weight, even if they are your boss and you’re in a business meeting.
  • Penises are beautiful.
  • Dunkirk was an amazing movie.
  • Women who don’t like parks at night hate exercise.
  • If a creepy man hasn’t bothered you yet, he’s not going to bother anyone ever.
  • Women can still enjoy sex even if they’re not wet, don’t orgasm, don’t ever express verbally or nonverbally that they’re enjoying sex, and don’t respond to your text messages after sex. Girls just have different bodies — they experience sex differently.
  • Everyone needs to read Catcher in the Rye.

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