Quiz: My Conservative Aunt Talking About Gay People Or Me Talking About Male Gynecologists?

  1. “Between you and me, I’ll never understand why anyone would do that.”
  2. “I prefer not to think about it.”
  3. “I’m just not comfortable with it, not that it’s any of my business.”
  4. “I think my friend’s husband is one, but we never talk about it.”
  5. “I’m sure he’s very good at what he does, but I don’t need to find out firsthand.”
  6. “As long as he doesn’t do it under my roof.”
  7. “It’s just weird, isn’t it? You have to admit it’s weird!”
  8. “I prefer the normal kind, but that’s just me!”
  9. “I just find it hard to imagine he knows anything about vaginas.”
  10. “He’s well-dressed, I’ll give him that.”
  11. “I have no problem with them but I’d never trust one.”
  12. “I wouldn’t want my daughter going to one with questions about her health, that’s all.”
  13. “I just pray my son isn’t one.”
  14. “It’s a choice.”
  15. “I’m sure he’s great, I just don’t want his hands in my pussy.”


1: both, 2: both, 3: both, 4: both, 5: both, 6: both, 7: both, 8: both, 9: both, 10: both, 11: both, 12: both, 13: both, 14: both, 15: both

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