QUIZ: PMS or Self-Respect?

We know every time a woman behaves badly, men assume it’s PMS. But are they always right? This is a question all women ask themselves: is your general moodiness the result of PMS, or have you just finally started to stick up for yourself? Take our quiz to find out.

  1. Your male boss asks you to write the memo that your male coworker was supposed to write, and he wants you to turn it around in 45 minutes. You say “that wasn’t supposed to be my job, so I might need an extra half-hour because I’m in the middle of something.” PMS or self-respect?!?!
  2. A man catcalls you on the street, and when you ignore him, he says “don’t you have any manners?” You take off your headphones and politely say, “please stop harassing me.” PMS or self-respect?!?!!
  3. Your boyfriend asks if you want to have sex. You say no. He reminds you that you also didn’t want to have sex last night. You say it’s fine to not want to have sex for two days in a row. PMS or self-respect?!!?!
  4. Your brother makes a disparaging comment about how he thinks the ‘me too’ movement is stupid at a family dinner. You tell him it’s harmful to your precarious mental state for you to be around ideas like that. PMS or self-respect!!?!?
  5. Your boss sends you a text late a night that ends with a ‘:)’ You don’t respond. PMS or self-respect?!?!!?
  6. You’re bloated. PMS or self-respect!?!?!

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