Things I’m Saving Because I Think They Might One Day Be As Valuable As Beanie Babies

No one wants to be the idiot who threw out all their beanie babies in 1998. That’s how I’m putting my children through college, baby. I’ve made a list of items I believe might someday become hugely valuable.

  • Scrabble: Who’s to say if people of the future will have any idea how to spell words? Spell check is making it an obsolete skill, which makes Scrabble an obsolete game, which means it’s gonna be $$$$$.
  • iPods: Have you even seen an iPod recently? They’re so cute!!
  • Used tea bags: Idk, something tells me these will age well.
  • Staplers: If you didn’t know what a stapler was for, you’d think it was AMAZING. Seriously, it’s like a shimmery monster with enough strength to bend little metal chips.
  • DVDs: Except they’ll be used as frisbees for dogs.
  • Dogs: Most will have died off from eating DVDs.
  • Tampons: I’m convinced pretty much no one will get their period in 20 years because of IUDs, so these will be a cool collector’s item.
  • All my old texts: Yeah, I’m gonna make it big.

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