Words About TV: ‘SMILF’ Season 1

I’m fully obsessed with ‘SMILF’ on Showtime. I know the first season ended a few months ago, but it’s not on any of the big streaming services, so I fear that many of you have not yet seen it. You can get a free 1 week trial of Showtime here or on Amazon, and the whole season is only about 4 hours long, so you can watch it in a week easily. Or an afternoon, if you’re anything like me. I’m actually kind of a genius, so I can watch 4 hours of TV in a cool 120 minutes.

‘SMILF’ is about Bridgette, a single mom in South Boston. She’s trying to make ends meet while raising a toddler. Helping her along the way are the baby’s dad, his girlfriend, her friend Eliza, and her mom. Bridgette gets herself into a number of hilarious and sometimes sad situations while caring for her two-year-old.

‘SMILF’ definitely reminds me of a lot of other shows. Actually, a few weeks ago, I watched ‘The Florida Project’ and thought it was like ‘SMILF’, although ‘The Florida Project’ is possibly even better. And I cried like a baby, as I’m wont to do. Still, ‘SMILF’ is a unique gem and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Anyway, here’s what I love about ‘SMILF’:

  • Bridgette becomes close friends with her ex’s new girlfriend. Instead of the standard girl-on-girl jealously, Bridgette relies on her to help the baby daddy, Rafi, make good parenting decisions.
  • Bridgette is smart and naive at the same time. Mostly, we see her being smart. She’s a tutor, and she writes her students’ Harvard admissions essays for them (does that make someone intelligent? Will revisit). She also has a sweet and almost child-like naivete when it comes to the precarious situations she encounters. For example, when she unintentionally gets an awful haircut, she seems to not notice the mockery of her coworkers. I love that the show balances both of these without conflict.
  • Her fantasies are a lot like mine. I love shows like ‘Scrubs’ where the characters have an active fantasy life, and Bridgette’s is even better. I spend most of my alone time in my own head playing out rich and elaborate fantasies, but I would never admit them to anyone. I feel like less of a little freak when TV shows normalize my overactive imagination. I love that the show owns Bridgette’s absurd fantasies, sexual and otherwise.

There’s not much I don’t like about this show. I do feel like Bridgette is the main source of comedy, but she is an amazing character. Watch ‘SMILF’ on Showtime.

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