I Can’t Get Rid of My Love Handles No Matter What I Do, Which Is Nothing

Life just isn’t fair sometimes. No matter what I’ve done to try to get rid of my pesky love handles, I just can’t shake them. I’m so jealous of other women with no love handles — it just seems wrong. I feel like I’ll always have mine, although, to be fair, I haven’t actually ever done anything to get rid of them.

Some days I look in the mirror and think about how much I hate my body, but then I try to remind myself to practice self-love. I say “Ginny, you’ve tried your best, and not everyone was meant to ever exercise or even walk to the subway.” Saying these positive affirmations to myself helps me a lot. Nothing I’ve done to get in shape has ever worked, especially since I’ve never done anything to try to get in shape, so I need to stop beating myself up over it.

I’m sure it’s genetics; some women are just blessed. All my female relatives have love handles too, so I can only assume it just runs in our family. I mean, no one in my family has ever gone to a pilates class or really lifted a finger in any way, but even still, I feel like we’re cursed with annoying and irremovable love handles. Genetics are the worst, and there’s nothing I can do to overcome mine, so I might as well continue on my path of exercising an extremely minimal amount.

It’s so hard living in a world with such unattainable beauty standards. Like, do you mean to tell me that if I want to look good, I need to exercise sometimes? That just seems unrealistic. Who has the time for that? I’m way too busy focusing on my career to spend so much effort on my body. Even still, I feel like the fact that I ordered quinoa instead of a burger that one time 4 years ago should have changed things for me. Like, all this work, and I get nowhere? Besides, there’s no guarantee that exercise works anyway — I’ve heard it can fail, especially if you only talk about doing it and never actually do it. No matter how much I haven’t ever exercised, I still can’t get rid of these love handles!

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