Words About TV: ‘Love’ Season 3

“Love” on Netflix is a pretty boring show. But that doesn’t make it bad. I personally like boring shows. I only want to see character development anyway. If I wanted to see things happen, I could just read the news. Anyway, I think the third season of “Love” was the best, but it didn’t pick up until a few episodes in. And even though it was the best of the three seasons, it still wasn’t that good.

Like the other two seasons of “Love,” Season 3 is pretty slow. The characters don’t do much — they travel a little and slightly advance in their careers. It’s difficult to see Gus having much of an emotional attraction to Mickey, although she is very beautiful. Neither of them really seems to make the other one laugh unless it’s by being stupidly goofy. The closest they come is when Gus wraps her up in a “breakfast burrito” of her own blanket. That was kinda of cute. But did Mickey do the same for him?

If it’s hard to see why Gus likes Mickey, then it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to see why Mickey likes Gus. Even I find Gus unattractive, and small Jewish boys with big noses are kind of my type. His confession to his family later in the season was absolutely cringe-worthy even though it did win Mickey back for him. I have to look away from the screen when they kiss, especially if it’s a side view of Gus. Also, all their relationship problems were caused by Gus being a little piece of shit. Once Mickey laid out her substance abuse problems, she was pretty open with him. Well, there’s some stuff Season 2, but I don’t want to get into it. We’re here to talk about Season 3, ok? Everyone knows TV characters get a clean slate at the start of each new season. All previous transgressions are forgiven.

But still, despite how weird their romance seems to me, Mickey and Gus do genuinely appear to be in love. And that’s kind of sweet. I don’t know — I enjoyed watching Season 3 of this show. Stop hating. Not because of the main characters, and definitely not because of the supporting characters. Maybe I just like shows set in California? There’s a scene where Mickey and Gus are shopping at this store that looks like a cooler and more local version of Urban Outfitters and I almost started looking up apartments in Silver Lake. But maybe I like this show ‘Love’ for the same reason I like the emotion ‘Love’ — I have nothing better to do with my time.

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