QUIZ: Are You the Fun Friend of the Group or Easily Manipulated Into Taking this Quiz for Data…

Are you the party animal of your friends? Are you everyone’s “mother”? Are we taking advantage of your gullibility on the Internet so you will take this personality quiz and we can harvest your information for an evil political consulting firm? Let’s find out!

  1. Your friend is throwing a party this weekend. What are you bringing?

A. Booze, it’s the freaking weekend!

B. Advil, I’m that friend.

C. I believe anything I read on the Internet.

2. Your friends are ready to bounce from the bar at 11pm, what do you do?

A. Suggest the next bar!

B. I’m calling the Uber XL back to my place to us all to crash.

C. Everything about me is available on my Facebook profile.

3. Your bestie just got dumped and calls you for help. What’s the phone call about?

A. Figuring out which bar we’re going to for rebounding with strangers.

B. I give the best advice.

C. I’m not digitally literate.

4. It’s Sunday morning after a weekend of debauchery. How are you doing?

A. Peeling myself off the bed to get ready for boozy brunch.

B. I’m doing well! I hydrated before bed because I’m a morning person with errands to run.

C. Is it pronounced “meem” or “me-me”? I’ll call my son, he’s so good with computers.

5. Who’s planning the after-work happy hour for the office?

A. Oh, you know it’s me!

B. Someone will take care of it, I’m sure!

C. I want to buy this graphic tee from a third-party website because it is so me!

6. Which phrase do you often use with the group?

A. We are going to be the drunkest ever!

B. The Uber is waiting outside, let’s go!

C. This quiz is nuts, how do I get to have this much fun without anything in return? Whoever made this quiz is making the world a happier place!



Mostly As, Bs, or Cs: Thanks for participating, we got everything we needed from you. Run along now.

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