Words About TV: ‘Alex Inc’ Pilot

‘Alex Inc’ is a new ABC sitcom about a podcast about a podcast. It’s a podcast origin story. Podcast origin stories are important, because as my mother always said, if you’re not going to review a podcast in the iTunes store ever, you should at least know how it’s made. And here, we learn the story of Zach Braff’s podcast, which is actually based on some famous podcast I’ve never heard of.

There are two main problems with ‘Alex Inc.’ 1. It’s not very good. 2. Zach Braff won’t retweet me even though I’ve been trying to get him to for years. Let me explain.

  1. It’s not very good: ‘Alex Inc.’ isn’t a very good show. It’s a minimally compelling story. It’s about a privileged white man who quits his job and basically steals money from his wife to start a podcast, which many people manage to do for free. His wife forgives him for using their 401k for the podcasting company even though they have two small children, and she actually forgives him in about 20 seconds because he’s fun and goofy. Also, he makes the case that his podcast will change the world because he’s a good storyteller, and that’s a stretch even for tech bullshit. Also, the jokes are not well-written. The character whose main function is to be in love with Zach is particularly bad. I could do it better, from my heart. That’s not to say it’s a terrible show — Zach Braff is a talented comedic actor, and he does the same types of fun facial expressions as he did in Scrubs. In fact, he basically plays the same character as JD, except JD is a single doctor and Alex is an unemployed father of two, so everything Alex does seems less responsible. It’s not hard to watch, it’s just definitely not the type of show you’d ever laugh out loud at or get invested in.
  2. Zach Braff won’t retweet me: This is the biggest issue with ‘Alex Inc.’ I’ve been trying for years to get Zach to pay attention to me. On the night of the ‘Alex Inc’ premiere, I saw that he was retweeting a lot of people who tweeted about the show. So I tweeted beautiful compliments of him and the show no fewer than 4 times (I had not yet watched the pilot), and still, no response from the Z-man. Dead to me much?

In conclusion, don’t watch ‘Alex Inc’, although I can’t imagine you were ever planning on it. I’ll keep watching it because Zach Braff is still very sexy despite his physical features.

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