More Modcloth Clothing for Creative Women

Podcast Co-Host TopFrom

Modcloth recently got some laughs for its Podcast Co-Host Top. But wait till you see what else they have in store.

Freelancer Jumper

Made of comfy wrinkle-free fabric, this peacock blue jumper will says “Look at me, please hire me” with it’s utilitarian pockets and silver details. Hop from interview to pitch to another interview in this fashionable ensemble that will make going to the bathroom a job in itself and make you feel like you’re working more than you are.

Open Mic Pants

As you try to hone your comedic style, know you’re stylish AF in these tuxedo pants. Clean and simple, like your jokes, these trousers are designed to keep the attention on you.

Coffee Shop Writer Cardigan

Sitting next to the window to find inspiration in the passing people, you casually play with an oversized button on this oversized cardigan, thinking up plot twists, character development, and how you’re going to cobble together rent next month. Snuggle into the cozy raincloud-colored wool and enjoy writing in the warmth of a café rather than your unheated apartment.

I’m Actually An Actress Flats

These stunning, understated flats harken back to the your days in the black box. Play the part you dreamed of without fear of tripping. Rubber soled and black, these are completely up to restaurant industry standard. Take orders and dream of the day you can leave your role as Waitress #3 for a brilliant career on screen. Let these comfy flats take you where you want to go with unhindered speed, because that table of tourists are really demanding.

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