Alternative Names For The White House

“I want to thank the White House Historical Association and all of the people that work so hard with Melania, with everybody, to keep this incredible house or building, or whatever you want to call it — because there really is no name for it; it is special — and we keep it in tip-top shape. We call it sometimes tippy-top shape. And it’s a great, great place.”

  • The Building That Has No Name
  • The Usually-White House
  • The not-so-white-last-administration-amiright?! house
  • My sad place aka where I have to work
  • The place I go when I don’t get to be on vacation
  • The place where people yell at me stupid idiots
  • I sleep eat and work here
  • My kids are here too sometimes
  • I lost my sock here once
  • This place
  • A building
  • Not as nice as Trump tower
  • Kind of a dump, you know?
  • The President’s Palace
  • I Am The President

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