Artists Who Began Pursuing Their Craft Later In Life And How I Reacted When I Found Out

There’s still time for you to become a successful artist who sells photos of platitudes written on notepaper!
  • Ava DuVernay: She had a successful career in PR and didn’t make her first short film until she was 32!
    How I reacted: Phew!
  • Joy Behar: She didn’t start doing stand-up until her 40s!
    How I reacted: Oh thank God.
  • Toni Morrison: She didn’t publish her first novel until age 40!
    How I reacted: OK that’s a huge relief.
  • Lynn Shelton: She didn’t even begin pursuing a career as a film director until her mid-30s!
    How I reacted: There’s still a chance for me!
  • Phyllis Diller: She did stand-up for the first time at age 37!
    How I reacted: That makes me feel way better.
  • Claire Denis: She directed her first film at age 40!
    How I reacted: I’m going to be fine.
  • Kim Gordon: She didn’t even pick up a bass guitar until she was almost 30!
    How I reacted: That gives me so much hope, not to make it about me (but in this context it is).
  • Carmen Herrera: She started making art as a child, but didn’t sell her first painting until she was 89-years-old. Last year, at age 101, the Whitney had a huge (incredible) exhibition of her work!
    How I reacted: I have so much time!
  • Me: I did stand-up for the first time when I was 29!
    How I reacted: I’ve sacrificed everything for this so it better work out.

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