QUIZ: Are You Snacking Because You’re Hungry, Bored, Or Filling The Void Left By Your Absentee…

Before you reach for that plate of chips, figure out if you really need it. Often times, you’re not actually hungry, you’re really just bored and looking for something to fill your time. Sometimes there might be something else going on. Take our quiz to figure out why you’re munching.

  1. You see a cheeseburger on the menu, and you remember the time your dad abandoned you at a McDonalds. You want to order a salad, but you go for the cheeseburger instead. Are you:

a. Hungry

b. Bored

c. Filling the Void

2. You’re working on your dissertation, and you’re reading about the Catholic Church’s coverup of priest assaults. You remember how you used to be a devout Catholic until you learned your local priest was involved in these scandals. You reach for the cookies. Are you:

a. Hungry

b. Bored

c. Filling The Void

3. Your boyfriend leaves you after revealing he’s been cheating on your for months. You go inside and order take-out. Are you?

a. Hunry

b. Bored

c. Filling the Void

Every time you’re about to each, just ask yourself these questions on repeat until you stop eating preferably forever. Viola!

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