Words About TV: ‘UnREAL’ Season 3

‘UnREAL’ Season 3 is literaly unreal. Well, it’s pretty good. Season 1 was unreal, Seaon 2 was just ok, and Season 3 is pretty good but not amazing. Still, I love this show a lot, and I’m willing to believe in it. We’re only on episode 7, anyway.

When I first heard that the third season would be all dudes vying for one woman I was not into it. I usually like watching men on TV but I just loved all the female contestants in Season 1. Also, it’s less wild that Rachel would start sleeping with one of them if it’s like all dudes. Her almost nabbing Adam Season 1 was UNREAL. Ok, I’ll stop with that stupid joke.

Season 3 starts off with Rachel obviously not wanting to go back to the show. She’s gotten really into “essential honesty” which is like essential oils except less effective. Quinn convinces her to come back, but Rachel agrees to do so only if she gets to be honest with everyone. Obviously, this quickly unravels, and we see Rachel getting high off lies yet again. Our girl is back!

Rachel and Quinn are amazing yet again as the best two characters on the show. Chet sucks as usual but so far we’ve seen less of him. The new therapist shows a lot of promise, and I’m excited to see where his storyline goes. Jeremy and his new girl should definitely not be on the show — what is Jeremy even still doing here? He was boring Season 1. He should like go be a fisherman somewhere he sucks.

I think Serena is pretty good as a Suitress, but it’s extremely unbelievable that she had that much trouble dating in real life. Sure, there are a lot men who are intimidated and turned off by a powerful woman, but there are also a lot who aren’t, and she’s like a tall thin gorgeous blonde woman, so I feel like they could have dug a little deeper to find a reason for why she was on the show. Maybe, like many of the men, she needs to rehab her image. Also, it’s very hard to believe that anyone intelligent would actually think a show like “Everlasting” is a good place to meet a mate.

None of the contestants are all that appealing this season. I do miss the women from Season 1 — I was extremely invested in their storylines. I’m not at all interested in a ballet dancer’s coke problem or who cut off some dude’s man bun, but maybe that’ll change down the line. Also the fireman is so boring and needs to get cut. I didn’t care about his daughter. SPOILER ALERT: I wish that truck had hit her jk.

Anyway, TV doesn’t have to be that realistic, and I love ‘UnREAL’, so I’m looking forward to the rest of Season 3.

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