If You Think Cheerleaders Deserve To Be Treated Like People, Give Me A ‘P’!

The Saints fired the 22-year-old this January for violating a code of conduct that prohibits cheerleaders from appearing nude, seminude or in lingerie. Cheerleaders for the Saints can’t have players follow them on social media, must have private social media accounts and are required to leave parties or restaurants if players are there. — NPR 4/15/2018

Hey y’all! Are you ready to F-I-G-H-T FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for our rights to be treated as even close to beings! That’s right, we’re the New Orleans Saintsations, and we are here to W-I-N basic rights for our cheerleaders!

If you think we should be able to post photos of ourselves on Instagram, put your hands in the air!

If you think the burden to not harass cheerleaders should be on the footplayers and not the victims of sexual harassment, shake your bootie! Shake it! Shake it! Work it, girl!

If you think cheerleaders shouldn’t be fired because an NFL player liked one of our tweets and we didn’t immediately block him, SHOW US SOME LOVE!

And if you think we should be able to sit in restaurants with another player there let me see you lose your M-I-N-D MINDS!

WoooOoOoooo!!! *throws petite cheerleader into the air*

Now can I hear you say ‘me too’? ME TOO!

Give me an M!

Give me an E!

Give me a space! (also give me some space)

Give me a T!

Now give me an O-O Oh yeah baby! The Saintsations are here, and we’re here to W-I-N this lawsuit!

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