Foods/Drinks I Cut Out Of My Diet And The Problems It Was Supposed To Cut Out Of My Life

  • Citrus: Acid reflux.
  • Alcohol: Poor sleep.
  • Meat: Guilt about eating animals.
  • Chocolate Rabbits: Guilt about eating animals.
  • Dairy: Acne.
  • Caffeine: Twitching. And productivity.
  • Alcohol: Drunk texting.
  • MSG: Pleasant afternoon naps.
  • Fake meat: Financial duress.
  • Soy: Big boobs (ew, who wants that).
  • Peas in a pod: Loneliness.
  • Alcohol: One night stands.
  • Water: Excessive peeing.
  • Kombucha: Judgment from my peers.
  • Fried food: The ability to enjoy family gatherings.
  • Alcohol: My personality.

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