Everything I Accomplished Without Leaving My House Yesterday

Me being productive
  • I threw things out (one old box and some purple eye shadow I found in that box)
  • I got some work done (read an email but haven’t responded yet)
  • I practiced self-care (clipped my nails)
  • I organized (moved my bowl of change from one shelf to another)
  • I planned out my week (declined the one social engagement I was invited to)
  • I meditated (watched TV for seven hours without having even one single thought)
  • I cleaned (up a drink I spilled on the counter)
  • I read (three menus on Seamless)
  • I got a job! (responded “yes” to a dog walking request)
  • I cooked (made seltzer)
  • I did my hair (trimmed my split-ends)
  • I exercised (walked from the couch to the bathroom and back several times)
  • I relaxed (got high)

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