The Most Shocking Revelations I Personally Had While Reading James Comey’s Book

  • ‘Exaggeration’ is spelled with two ‘G’s.
  • Trump knows how to read.
  • If I go 20 minutes without checking my Twitter, I have more notifications than if I only go 5.
  • Trump’s skin is also orange in person. It’s not a ‘bad lighting’ thing.
  • Robert Mueller is a Republican! Are there no good men left?
  • We all have unconscious biases. Comey showed his unconscious bias in believing Hillary Clinton would win. Starbucks showed theirs in arresting two black men for doing nothing. I show mine in stealing my brother’s credit card because I feel that women deserve retribution.
  • I should probably Google the definition of ‘unconscious’.
  • Wow, now if you Google a word it’ll just show you the definition instead of making you click on a link. Thanks, Google!
  • Reading on the train does not automatically guarantee that I attract a smart, cute, bookish boyfriend.
  • My mom probably did make me take piano lessons as an act of love, not spite.
  • Does anyone know what Hillary Clinton’s emails were about?
  • Ok it’s really time I learn the difference between FBI and FWB.
  • Also DNC and DNR
  • The less I text Jake, the more he likes me.
  • Hillary Clinton should be president.
  • Oh wait. Everyone knows that.
  • All I have to do to get my own book deal is become director of the FBI and then write a letter to Congress about someone’s emails that will affect the outcome of the most absurd presidential election in recent history.
  • They don’t write SparkNotes for books that just came out.
  • There’s pretty much nothing terrible anything can say about Trump that would shock me
  • Trump is awful in every way.
  • Reading is objectively not as interesting as watching TV.

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