Like, What Even Is Satire?

I am Satire. We are All Satire.

A satire is a humorous work that improves humanity.

A satire is not a parody. A satire is more than irony.

A satire arouses the reader’s disapproval of a social institution.

Satires can be brilliant, or they can be very brilliant. There are all different types of satires.

‘Candide’ is a satire. So is ‘Animal Farm’. So is ‘Mean Girls’.

All squares are satires, but not all satires are squares. All satires are, however, rectangles.

A satire improves humanity. In fact, it feeds the hungry and clothes the nudists.

A satire uses exaggeration, but it only has to contain one ‘G’.

Kurt Vonnegut.

No satire will ever be more brilliant than ‘Candide’.

Satire doesn’t have a religion but if it did have one, it would be Jewish.

A caricature can be a satire, and it can also be the paintings you get of yourself on Venice Beach. Mine always have an unfortunately big nose.

‘Candide’ is a satire everyone knows.

Trump killed satire. It’s the worst thing he’s ever done.

‘Get Out’ is a modern satire that we’ve all seen. There are also non-modern satires. I don’t know the word for ‘non-modern’.

It’s ironic to say that irony = coincidence because it doesn’t..

Anyone can write a satire, but no one can write ‘Candide’.

A satire has no beginning and no end, mostly because I haven’t finished a book in years.

By the transitive property, all satires were accepted to Harvard.

Dystopian novels are satires. But a world in which everything is a satire is definitely a utopia.

A satire is that one quarter you’re missing at the laundromat, and then a mysterious man in leggings hands it to you, but you mixed your colors in with your whites so your sheets end up pink anyway.

‘Satire’ is the one humorous subreddit I’m not yet banned from, so I post everything there.

Satire is dead.

Satire lives.

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