Words About TV: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2 Episodes 1–2

Praise Be! The Handmaid’s Tale has returned! Last season left us at the end of the book, so this season was destined to be all new plot lines. Not that I read the book (or any book), but some of us do, allegedly.

The first episode was pretty dark. All the Handmaids get taken to what initially appears to be a fun off-site at Fenway Park, except instead of talking about their feelings and playing improv games, they got threatened with death. Ultimately, they all live of course — they got those yummy yummy uteri. I was ready to give up on the entire show until 3 minutes before the end, Nick showed up, and I was like, oh yeah, that’s why I watch this show. But seriously, we don’t have any bright scenes like all the handmaids going shopping for oranges. This is blood, gore, torture, and Nick is very hot.

I think the second season is still excellent, but it does feel like they have to work harder and harder to shock. I’m definitely not as drawn in as I was first season. I’m also getting tired of the flashbacks. I thought they were the best part of Season 1 (esp. Nick episode), but now it’s like, we get it, you were a basic bitch and then society slowly descended into a dystopian nightmare blah blah blah how many times do we need to rehash that? I just don’t think there’s that much more we could learn about their lives pre-Gilead.

In episode 2, Nick and June get it on for a while which I LOVED except I couldn’t help but wonder if June had bad body odor. She’d been traveling in the back of a truck for days and then like waiting around that barn area, so she can’t have been that fresh. I use all natural deodorant, Nick, if you want to bone a more refreshingly-scented lady! I admire June’s lack of self-consciousness though — I won’t have sex if I’ve gone more than 6 days without changing my underwear. Because I have standards.

I really enjoyed the deep-dive into Alexis Bledel’s character. Actually, I’m kinda just attracted to her also. Alexis and this girl I met at a party in Michigan once are the only two ladies to ever make me question my sexuality. Those eyes — I could look into them forever! Or at least for the 54 minutes or so that the episode went on.

I do think ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is just as high-quality as everyone thinks it is, but I could use a little more dialogue. I think the scripts must be like 3 pages long. Elisabeth Moss is a genius and gets a lot of great work out of her neck, but I could still do with some more words. I’ll definitely keep watching because I have a lot of free time. Like all of you, I want to see Gilead fall because then maybe the Trump administration will be next.

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