Everything I Imagine Goes Through Someone’s Head When They Learn My Full Name Is ‘Virginia’

  • So you’ve been lying to me?
  • Like the Virgin Mary?
  • ‘Ginny’ is short for ‘Virginia’? I’m just not seeing it. The only thing they have in common is the ‘i’.
  • ‘Virginia’ like people who don’t have sex?
  • In Harry Potter her name is short for Ginerva Weasley. Why couldn’t you do that instead?
  • Are you a virgin?
  • That’s the name of a state.
  • Sex no?
  • ‘Virginia’ is a prettier name than ‘Ginny’. ‘Ginny’ is like a poor-man’s Jenny which is a just-ok name anyway.
  • I feel that if your full name is ‘Virginia’ your nickname should somehow clarify that you’re open to having sex. With people. Like maybe me?
  • Ma’am, you can’t board this airplane. Your passport says ‘Virginia’ but your Twitter says ‘Ginny’. Great tweets, by the way! (This one is more of a fantasy of mine).
  • Your name has the word VIRGIN in it, VIRGIN!

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