I Accidentally Took Lora’s Uber Home, So… I Became Lora

Okay, fine — I didn’t check my name with the Uber driver! I was a little drunk-o, and I didn’t think I needed to. I never use Uber, but that night I was so tired. I needed to sleep like, urgently.

I got all the way to her apartment before I realized what was happening. My driver Rahul turned around when I didn’t get out right away. “Have a good night, Lora.” Lora? Lora. And that was it. From then on, she was me.

My new place was nice. Lush ferns, sassy statement pillows, even a cat named Hank. I made myself right at home. After all, this was my place. It said so right there on the mailbox. Lora.

The next day I showed up to her (our? my!) job. Marketing… Hmmm! It wasn’t my first choice, but I’ve apparently been working here for 6 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I ate the lunch Lora had packed. Turns out — Lora loves figs! And I guess now I do, too. A coworker stopped by my desk to say good morning. “Excuse me, this is where Lora sits.”

My coworkers are so funny. “I am Lora!” I said. “What’s your name?”

He was dubious. “Lora’s hair was blonde.” So I dyed my hair blonde. With her wardrobe, I fit neatly into every aspect of her life. It was initially a little weird adjusting to sharing a bed with someone (my boyfriend Frank snores like crazy!) but they say two weeks makes a habit, and it sure did.

I used to wonder, where is Lora now? Is she… me? I quit that pretty quickly though, because at the end of the day, this life is mine. And I love it.

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