I’m So Extroverted I Literally Can’t Listen To Anything Anyone Says

I’m a true extrovert — someone who just loves talking and being around people. I love love LOVE to surround myself with friends, and I truly can’t go a day or even a minute without chatting it up with someone. There’s nothing I love more than talking to someone. Well, maybe talking at someone. I’m so extroverted that I can carry a conversation entirely by myself, and I literally refuse to listen to anything else anyone says.

See, for me personally, my biggest value and the biggest part of my life is talking talking TALKING. I just talk talk talk all day long, and I try try try to squeeze in as much talking as possible. See, sometimes I even use the same word three three three times just to get to use more words without having to do any additional thinking! But one thing really gets in the way of talking, and that’s listening. Listening is the one activity you can’t also do while talking. Trust me — I talk while driving driving driving, sleeping sleeping sleeping, swimming swimming swimming, and hiding hiding hiding from the police. But I can’t talk while listening, so I never do that, because it would really cramp my style.

Being extroverted is a huge part of my charm! I’m so warm and bubbly, and people just love having me around, especially when I explicitly invite myself to parties. There’s nothing anybody loves more than a person who breaks the silence! Well, I wouldn’t say I ever break a silence, because I literally never never never let anything fall silent. In order to stay true to my personality, I talk constantly.

I saw the movie ‘A Quiet Place’, and it was literally the scariest thing I’d ever seen. Not because of the monsters but because of the NO TALKING TALKING TALKING. Seriously, even if I cut down on saying the same word three times in a row (which would be really difficult, and definitely not worth doing), I’d still get killed instantly. At least I could scream scream scream while the monster was killing me!!

Things can get weird when I meet another extrovert, that’s for sure. Sometimes that extrovert tries to say something, and that’s fine fine fine, but I have to keep talking too, and I definitely cannot stop to listen to them. I’m not sure if they’re listening to me either, but we are definitely both talking. As long as I keep my mouth running and my ears closed at all times, I make friends. Because I’m an extrovert — that’s my personality.

The best people for me to hang out with are turtles. Turtles just love love love when I talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk!!!

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