Woman Falls in Train Tracks While Making Instagram Story, Continues Instagram Story From Afterlife


A New York woman’s casual wait for the downtown D train turned deadly, when Brenda fell to her death, mid-instagram story, authorities said.

Brenda Marie Halloway, 24, (@brenduhhhh on instagram) was found unconscious on the train tracks with her iPhone 10 in her hand, early Sunday morning. According to witnesses, she’d taken several selfies on the platform and was extraordinarily invested in creating what seemed to be a gripping instagram story.

“She took selfie after selfie, a few short videos of herself, and kept writing and rewriting on her phone,” said Joe, 35, who was playing the steel drums on the platform when she fell to her death.

“At one point, she turned her back toward the tracks and took some selfies on the very edge of the platform,” said Cody, 14, a subway caricature artist who watched her flail backwards onto the tracks, just as the D train rolled into the station.

Emergency responders on the scene attempted to revive Brenda, but she was dead on the scene. Sure enough, when paramedics examined her iPhone 10, it was opened up to Instagram story.

There it was, a well lit selfie of @brenduhhh with an emoji flower crown atop her head, leaning happily  against the subway support beam, coupled with the following florally hued hashtags: #onmywaytobrunch, #instacute #instasubway #ilovebrunch #instagramtillidie.

Little did Brenda know, she would die, right then and there.

She’d shared the story, and got a fair number of views from her followers, many of whom were her close friends and family. According to her instagram impressions, many of her followers clicked out of the story, while some of them exited instagram altogether, innocently unaware that this adorable, brunch-centric post would be Brenda’s last instagram story, ever.

But here’s what’s weird, Brenda’s instagram story didn’t end there.

According to emergency paramedics, Brenda seemed to have posted three more segments on her instagram story, post-mortem.

Authorities report that the first story segment, the one posted right after she died, was a 3 second video of wispy clouds, accompanied by the following hashtags: #notgonnamakeittobrunch #justdied #orderbottomlessforme.

“The next story was a two second video of a powerful white light…like she was filming the sun or something,” reported Andy, 32, one of the medical responders. Posthumous @brenduhhhh wrote the following phrases in blue script on top of the light: “#ghostinsta #ghostlife #brendatheghost #lol #instaforever #literallydead.”

Her most recent story was touching, to say the least. The story was a simple picture of aboslute darkness, with hashtags that read, “#hauntingyou #jk #deadbutnotdead #instagal.”

It’s unclear whether @brenduhhh will continue to post instagram stories from the afterlife, but employees at Instagram, as well as her friends and family,  have expressed that they hope she does.

“We never want our users, especially the dead ones, to feel like their posts aren’t appreciated. Keep posting Brenda, wherever you are,” said Kevin Systrom, C.E.O. of Instagram.

“She died doing what she loved,” says Brenda’s mother, Kathy, 64. “I’ll miss her, but it seems like as long as we have Instagram, we’ll always have Brenda.”


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