How To Safely Perform A Full Moon Ritual From Your Fire Escape

astronomy black and white dark evening
Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on
  1. Figure out how to do a Full Moon ritual. I suggest googling “Full Moon ritual legit” and scrolling down till you’re past the ads section.


  1. Invite your closest friends, or someone random from work who has a deck of Tarot cards.


  1. Warn your roommate ahead of time so she doesn’t get scared when she comes home late from her waiting job and hears someone chanting on her fire escape.


  1. Wait to drink wine until you’re back in your apartment, unless you live on the second floor. If you fell, you would just like, sprain your ankle.


  1. Bring a light jacket, except if you’re live streaming the ritual on your Instagram story, then the jacket won’t look as cute over your outfit.


  1. Replace real candles with cut out images of candles so it feels like the real thing while still pleasing your inner Girl Scout with the importance of fire safety.


  1. If you have crystals, hold onto them very carefully. Letting a crystal fall through the cracks of your fifth-floor fire escape onto a busy street is not cute PLUS that rose quartz is not cheap!


  1. Stare at the moon, but not for TOO long. We all hate when we have that residual dark spot in our eyes after staring at something too long.


  1. If you are playing music, have a friend log on to their premium Spotify account if you don’t have one so that you don’t have to hear advertisements during a serious moment.


  1. If you start to grow hair all over your body at an unbelievably rapid pace and begin howling, take an Uber to the nearest pet hospital.

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