Alternate Names For Gender Reveal Parties

baby in white tutu skirt beside cake
Photo by Pixabay on
  1. “What Does My Baby’s Junk Look Like?” Party
  2. “I’m Enforcing Gender Roles!” Party
  3. “We Spent $300 On Elaborate Fireworks- Cool It With the Criticism, Mom” Party
  4. “Yes, We Know This Could Have Been Done At A Doctor’s Office, But We’re Milking This Shit For As Long As We Can” Party
  5. “Your Shower Gift Was Inadequate, So Here’s Your Second Chance” Party
  6. “Yay Sexism!” Party
  7. “Doin’ It For The ‘Gram” Party
  8. “I Have A Blood Contract With Pinterest And I’m Obligated To Participate In All Crafty Trends” Party
  9. “We Don’t Even Know This Person, But We’re Going to Label Them Based On Outdated Stereotypes” Party
  10. “I’m Letting A Cake Dictate My Life” Party
  11. “My Baby Will Like Trucks Or Tutus, This Is Based On Science” Party
  12. “The Cake Color Is Law” Party
  13. “We Just Want Another Excuse To Get More Gifts” Party
  14. “ If My Potential Future Daughter Doesn’t Want To Wear Pink 24/7 I’m Suing This Bakery” Party


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