10 Things I Hope People Say At My Funeral If I Die Tomorrow

By Isabel Hagen

1. I want to take this time to talk about my friend *dramatic pause* Isabel.

2. I don’t know a single person who didn’t like Isabel.

3. She had this great way of making people in her presence feel like they mattered, y’know?

4. She was so young, but you wouldn’t know it based on her accomplishments.

5. Isabel…was a bit of a perfectionist *everyone laughs.*

6. She truly saw the best in everyone. And she was the best out of everyone. But her humility kept her from realizing this.

7. A tortured soul, she felt so much.

8. She never had pets, because she didn’t believe in animal ownership.

9. I remember Isabel once said to me, ‘just take life as it comes and do your best.’ And that’s what she did herself. Every single day.

10. And now let us take a moment of silence *silence interrupted by sobbing.*

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