I Date Younger Women For Their Personalities And Not Their Supple Bodies

By Ian Levy


Contrary to popular belief, the only reason I date younger woman is to explore their wonderful minds, and not their taut loins. There’s a social stigma against men dating women a mere 5 to 68 years younger than themselves; however, this stigma is ridiculous. Our society holds the grossly unfounded opinion that men only date younger women for sex. It’s preposterous to claim that I’m a sex-driven monster when in reality I’m attracted to younger women’s brilliant thoughts, and I could care less about their peach-shaped buttocks and ripe ovaries.

Throughout history, men have dated younger women for their personalities. Hieroglyphs discovered in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses the Second roughly translate to “If her mind ain’t right, then it don’t matter if her plump Egyptian boobies are tight.” Another historical example is Napoleon Bonaparte who divorced his first wife to marry 19-year-old Marie Louise. Napoleon once stated, “I’m not leaving my first wife due to her whorish aging face, but, in fact, I’m leaving her due to her whorish aging mind”.

I’m very similar to Napoleon Bonaparte in this regard. Nothing sets a fire to my loins like a younger woman’s personality, particular when those personalities are smooth and smell of cinnamon. I can think of nothing more pleasurable than grabbing a young woman’s tight psyche, bending it over my knee, and spanking some knowledge into it. I’m no hero, I just love to watch young women grow into being slightly older young women.

In our society, there are rare cases where older women date younger men. This particular scenario is described by experts as a gross abomination of love. While I’m only interested women’s personalities, all older women are sex-crazed cock gobblers. Women simply want to take advantage of younger men for their bodies and could care less about their hopes and dreams. While it’s perfectly normal to picture me dating your little sister or niece, when you think about an older woman dating a younger man, it’s physically impossible not to vomit in your own mouth. All older women simply lust for flesh. To the less mentally astute, this may seem like a double standard. However, the fact remains that I only have good intentions while older women are just disgusting.

For the record, I date younger women for their personalities. I would hate for anyone to think I’d be interested in these women for their youthful looks. I only lust for the mind. It’s also worth noting that I only date thin women; — that’s also a personality thing.

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