Movie Review for ‘It Follows’ (Available on Netflix)

By Geneva Rust-Orta

It Follows was a really good movie. The guy I was watching it with told me that there were so many good shots in it, which is a good reason to like a movie. The guy I was watching it with explained a lot of things to me. I didn’t need him to explain anything to me because it was a pretty simple plot, but I liked that it made him feel useful when he told me what was going to happen.

The guy I was with actually taught me a lot about the movie as we watched it. I would have definitely missed a few things had I not been watching it with him. For example, I did not know that the main actress in the film is actually an unconventional beauty. I made the sweeping generalization that her being a young, skinny, white, proportional actress was enough to qualify her as conventionally attractive. However, the guy that I was with told me that actually a young, skinny, white, proportional actress, can be unconventionally attractive if she has a “different looking” face and/or if she is wearing clothes that have more of a girl next door vibe than a glamorous movie star vibe. It Follows actually has a very body-positive message, if you are watching it with a guy who doesn’t find the lead actress as hot as she could be.

The storyline was really interesting, and I pretty much understood it. I would have been able to understand it better if I had watched the whole movie, but I missed a couple of important scenes. The guy I was watching the movie with told me that he was going to get another drink, but then he didn’t move his body at all. After waiting a while for him to do something, I figured it would make the most sense if I got up and got another drink for him and for myself. While I was doing that I missed some important dialogue. The guy I was with explained what had happened very quickly. He told me that, “the dude from earlier just answered everybody’s questions.”

The movie wasn’t scary enough to make me nervous or sweaty. It was a really good date movie because there were long periods of time when I wasn’t invested in the plot. While waiting for something exciting to happen, I was able to say a few cool things out loud. For example, I said, “nice jacket” sarcastically at one point, so the guy I was with would know I didn’t like the jacket that one of the characters was wearing. He laughed out loud when I said that, which made me like the movie more.

When the movie ended, I was very worried that the guy I was with would tell me that he didn’t like the ending. But when I asked him what he thought of the movie, he said that he really enjoyed it and especially liked the way it ended. I was so happy to hear that we had actually just watched a really good movie and that he was much less judgmental than I am as a person. It Follows was a really good movie, but I would not recommend watching it alone because you might find it boring. I also wouldn’t watch it with a guy that you don’t want to make out with, because you might end up making out with him anyway just to kill some time. I would definitely give It Follows 5 stars if you are looking for a movie to watch with a guy that you want to make out with.

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