The Tinder Profiles of New York City Subway Lines


The W Train

I’m back in the city after some time away! Looking for a weekday thing. Please no questions about where I disappear to on the weekends.

The R Train

I’m looking to take things extremely slow. I love going out, but I’m just as happy staying in the station for 37 minutes while there’s an ongoing investigation two stations away.

The G Train

Let’s stay in Brooklyn and Queens and avoid the Manhattan crowds. I’m spontaneous and might show up when you least expect it, or sometimes not at all! Full disclosure: I’m shorter than most other trains, so tall girls need not apply.

The A Train

I love adventuring. Let’s go surfing at the Rockaways followed by a tour of the Cloisters. I’ve got 31 miles of city all for you, if you know what I mean 😉

The 4 Train

Must love dogs stuffed unceremoniously into bags.

The Q Train

I’m a little old-fashioned. I want a girl who’s okay with me opening doors for her.

The JFK AirTrain

Paris. Milan. Lisbon. Marrakesh. Osaka. Traveling is my passion and together we can get to the most exotic destinations. I’m a little more expensive than the other guys, but I promise I’m worth it. No baggage, please! (That’s a joke, I’m fluent in sarcasm.)

The F Train

People tend to notice my bright blue seats, my baffling scent, and the hoards of miserable people waiting on the platform just for me. But I try to stay humble.

The L Train

I love pizza, pizza rat actually happened on my platform. Not looking for something long-term — don’t be upset when I shut you down in about a year. I just need time to work on myself.

The PATH Train

I live in the New York City area! Love the big city!!

The M Train

Looking for a woman who likes to Netflix and chill in the frigid outdoors while she waits nearly 20 minutes for me to arrive.

The S Train

When you ride with me, you’ll probably have to hop on another train to get where you need to go. But that’s cool with me, I’m not looking for anything exclusive.

The C Train

“It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.”


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