Merriam Webster Updates the Definition of ‘Cave’ for 2018

We here at Merriam Webster like to stay (a little too) current.

She definitely caved.

Finally getting into that guilty pleasure:

“I caved; I started watching Vanderpump Rules.”

Heeding current fashion trends:

“I caved; I started wearing tiny sunglasses.”

Giving into real social pressure:

“I caved; I always ducked out at happy hour, but this time I actually went out to drinks with my coworkers.”

Giving into imagined social pressure:

“I caved; I got an instagram for my dog! I know it’s what you’ve all been waiting for! You’re welcome!”

Giving into the patriarchy:

“I caved; I said yes to that title change with no salary increase.”

Becoming introspective:

“I caved; I looked inward to discover the cold, dark space within.”

Becoming a hermit:

“I caved; I closed all the blinds, turned off all the lights, and silenced my phone.”

Giving up:

“I caved; I gave up on having any standards or expectations.”

Becoming depressed:

“I caved; I embraced the all-consuming darkness.”

Moving to an actual cave:

“I caved; I moved to a legit cave. I’m serious. That’s where I live now.”

Enjoying your new cave life:

“I caved; I used a flashlight to illuminate my face while I made scary faces.”

“I caved; I carved depictions of human life into the rock walls around me.”

“I caved; I let my vagina grow cold and dank like this cave.”

“I caved; I became a vampire.”

Navigating the dangers and pleasures of your cave:

“I caved; I got hit in the head by a stalactite.”

“I caved; I later masturbated with that stalactite.”

Leaving your cave and re-entering the world:

“I caved; I moved out of my cave and into a basement-level apartment.”

“I caved; I chose an underground dwelling as empty as my soul.”

“I caved; I re-entered the workforce.”

Embracing your post-cave existence:

“I caved; I started the Warby Parker of stalactite vibrator companies.”

“I caved; I wrote a tell-all book about it called I Caved.”

“I caved; I traveled the world sharing stories of how #ICaved” and you can too!”

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