Full-length Sentences of Movie Promos Taken Out Of Context


Home Alone 2:

“Best Christmas Movie Ever”

Full quote: I watched this right after watching Love Actually, the best Christmas movie ever.



“Hilarious! Great fun.”

Full quote: Making fun of fat people is always hilarious, great fun!


Spice World:

“A girl-power ride!”

Full quote: At one point, a girl-power rides the tour bus. That’s the basic plot.”


The Room:

“The best movie of the year”

Full quote: The best movie of the yearling party we attended. They showed this and Center Stage 2.




Full quote: “Jessica Alba’s body is sweet, but other than that this film is unwatchable.”


White Chicks:

“Biggest film of the year!”

Full quote: “Biggest film of the year — it took up an enormous amount of storage space.”



“An adventure!”

Full quote: “Finding the bathroom in this theater was an adventure, one that ended with my child wetting himself.”


Dumb and Dumber:

“I laughed!”

Full quote: I laughed once.


That’s My Boy:

“Adam Sandler has truly outdone himself this time!”

Full quote: Adam Sandler has truly outdone himself this time.


The Hangover Part 2:

“Hangover is great!”

Full quote: Watching this movie makes me feel like having a hangover would be great.


Scary Movie 5


Full quote: Scary Movie 5 is the movie I’m reviewing right now.


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