The Best Hotels In Tulum, Mexico To See What Your Friends Are Doing On Instagram


This luxurious oceanfront resort features gorgeous cabanas, each of which has a private balcony with a breathtaking ocean view. After a day on the beach or touring the ruins, grab a tropical drink at the beach bar, settle into a hammock on your balcony, log into the free wifi and hop on Instagram to see what your coworkers have been eating while you’ve been out of town. Breakfast included.

At this secluded beachside hotel, you’ll feel like the Mayan Riveria is all yours. Each room has a panoramic ocean view, a private bathroom, king-sized bed and free wifi. Kick back after a day lying in the sand or cave diving with a big bottle of (complementary!) water and jump on Instagram to see where all your friends have been hanging out without you. Breakfast included.

A stay at this luxurious oceanfront hotel will leave you clear-headed and rejuvenated. Our private rooms are equipped with private beds, private toilets and private windows (don’t think about that one too hard). Once you’re done taking in the sun, use the free wifi to scour Instagram trying to figure out if Denise and Nick are still together. Private breakfast included.

If you want to wake up feeling like you’re in the ocean, this is the hotel for you. Featuring private huts right on the beach, you can literally roll out of bed and be on the beach. Use the free wifi to get on Instagram and fall down a Kardashian k-hole of butt implants and lip injections while relaxing on the beach. (Extremely photogenic) breakfast included.

Have you always dreamed of sleeping in the sand, but at night and with a tent over your head? If so, this luxury resort will make your dreams come true. Comprised of seven different blankets with fabric roofs strung over them, this beachfront “hotel” features ocean views (if you pull your flap up), private bathrooms (no one knows when you’re peeing in the ocean) and free wifi (it technically costs $35 a day but we just add it to the cost of the room, I mean tent). After a day of swimming in seaweed, peruse Instagram to see if anyone you know appears to be having a better vacation than you are. Breakfast included, although you have to squeeze the fresh juice out of the fruit yourself.

This hotel is just a wifi signal and a beach chair but who are you kidding? We know all you need is a place to sit and go through every single photo of your ex and his new girlfriend while you throw back a pint of local mezcal. Breakfast, bed and bathroom not included.

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