The Myth of White Privilege

man sitting on bench having a cup of coffee

How real is white privilege? I wondered as I puffed a huge cloud of vape smoke into a cop’s face.

Moments before the police showed up, I was outside of the bar having a fistfight with some guy. To think, somebody could actually believe that Aerosmith is better than Metallica. “Pick a random song and see what’s more listenable with friends, you moron.” That is what I yelled before I punched him in the face.

The vaping helped me calm down afterwards. I usually prefer the mango flavor, but this one was passionfruit. This vape wasn’t mine, the arriving officer let me borrow it.  

This morning, I woke up in my bed with the same thought in my head. “How is white privilege even considered something that’s real?”

Today, I had to get my bicycle cut away from a private gate I had locked it to three days ago. The key for the lock had fallen out of my pocket a couple of nights back when I went with my friends to hang out in the supermarket. Explaining why I was brandishing a hacksaw to the people in the Uber Pool was funny to the other passengers, but the driver did not even crack a smile. Weirdo.

When I got to the gate outside of the school, I set to work sawing at my lock, waving at the kids on the playground as I worked. With every stroke of the saw though, I got madder. What did that person mean in that class I took when I got my third DUI? She said I “benefit from the color of my skin.” I tried to respond to the insult in real time, but choked on my dip spit from the indignation.

After I freed my bike, I headed to Starbucks. All that sawing and stewing had me in serious need of a Frap. When I got there, I saw my buddy Brandon in line and figured I could just join him. I was wrong. Several of the customers complained. “Get to the back, get to the back” they all yelled. Now, did I make a big deal out of it? Yes. Yes, I did. But, after we all threatened to call the police on each other, I calmed down and went to the back of the line to wait like everybody else. Now I ask you, would somebody with “white privilege” have to wait in line?

Anyway, Mom. I need some more money in my checking account please. Rent is coming up and I don’t have enough.




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