Honest Tinder Unmatching Options

woman in white dress shirt posing for a photo

  1. You’re unattractive.
  2. You’re rude.
  3. You asked me out immediately.
  4. It’s been two weeks and you still haven’t asked me out.
  5. Your first date suggestion was your own apartment.
  6. We’ve already hooked up.
  7. We work together.
  8. You appear to be strangling a dog in that one photo.
  9. No face pictures.
  10. No body pictures.
  11. No fish pictures.
  12. No pictures.
  13. You confuse ‘weather’ and ‘whether’ in your bio.
  14. You called me ‘mama.’
  15. You work in finance.
  16. You work in tech.
  17. You’re a doctor but not a brave kind, like maybe a dentist or you look at buttholes.
  18. You don’t work.
  19. You seem to live 300 miles away.
  20. You seem to live with your mom, which is fine, but also, ew.
  21. You seem to already have a girlfriend.
  22. Your ex is really hot.
  23. Your ex is ugly.
  24. Your ex is in your photos – get her out of there.
  25. You say you’re ‘not looking for anything serious.’
  26. You say you’re ‘definitely looking for something serious.’
  27. I have acid reflux right now, can’t talk.

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